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Jim Corbett

  •   6th March, 2022

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Uttarakhand has numerous tourist destinations but the best of all is the tiger sanctuary which is called as Jim Corbett National Park. Since 1936 from the date of inauguration, this park has been attracting numerous tourists from international and local destinations. The first national park of the Indian subcontinent, the Corbett reserve amidst the grassland, densely wooded hills abutting the Himalayas gives it its enchanting beauty and attracts tourists from all over.

Perhaps, the oldest national parks of Asia, the Jim Corbett national park, is named after the famous British hunter turned conservationist, Edward James Corbett. The most popular reserve to spot the fierce and gigantic Bengal tiger, it was also the first tiger reserve, where the project tiger was undertaken.

Jim Corbett

Corbett National Park has a mythical status when it comes to wildlife holidays in India. This oldest national park in India is home to abundant flora and fauna and promises to offer quintessential experiences through its safari. Not only wildlife, but the park also has a good population of bird species and is quite known for fishing and angling tours as well. Also, with the presence of so many wildlife resorts, the place is good to go for luxury travellers as well.

Reasons why this park is in Fortune Park Vacation’s itinerary:

With Fortune Park Vacation you will get an area of more than 521 square kilometres Corbett National Park of rich flora and fauna to visit. There are 488 species of plants in this park. Starting from Acacia forests to small plants. It has diverse landscapes, many creatures, and thus the possibility of wildlife photography is endless. Especially when you visit her during the dusk when the sun starts gliding down the horizon leaving behind the orange light and a silver lining.. India is home to close to 1300 species of birds, out of which almost 550 species can be found in and around Jim Corbett National Park. The reason for this diversity in bird species is simply the variety of habitat that exists here. From woodlands to grasslands, to riverbeds to Himalayan foothill vegetation. Some of the birds out of the big checklist of Jim Corbett National Park are, Great Slaty Woodpecker, Ibisbill, Collared Falconet, Spot Bellied Eagle Owl, Tawny Fish Owl, Great Hornbill, Greater Painted Snipe, Bonelli’s Eagle, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Red Whiskered Bulbul, White-Tailed Nuthatch, Long Tailed Broadbill and many more. There are many reasons why this park is in Fortune Park Vacation’s itinerary. But Fortune Park Vacation is listing the top 5 reasons to visit Corbett National Park.

Ferociously Beautiful – Royal Bengal Tiger

This is one of the very few places in the world where you can spot Royal Bengal tigers. They are not easy to spot unless you find them near water bodies quenching their thirst. The most endangered species of India, the Bengal Tigers have been well protected at the national park. With more than 200 different species of tigers, there are in fact numerous tigers that can be easily sighted around the park. Get the spine-tingling experience by sighting the ferocious tigers just near you!

A surprise from the woody – Birdy affair!

If you are interested in Birding, then Fortune Park Vacation can take you to Corbett, with a good bird book you can enjoy bird watching here with ample amount of time and species to note. You can find numerous ornithologists and wild animal lovers spending time spotting animals and birds. If you are looking for migration birds, November to March is the right season. Tiger isn’t just the attraction of this national sanctuary; rather the bird watching is quite delightful. The dense jungle becomes a magical place when the birds chirp. As you pass through the jungle witnessing the variety of animals, you may be thrilled to hear sudden hum from the woods! While the roaring sounds of the wild animals freeze your blood, you will surely be attracted by the charisma of the bird chirping!

A Photographers Heaven!

If you are interested in Photography, then Fortune Park Vacation can take you to Corbett, with a binocular. Jim Corbett national park is a heaven/paradise for photographers. Now a day’s, we would love to preserve all those precious moments with the digital eyes! Make the most of wildlife photography at Jim Corbett National park, India. There is one more prominent reason that you should pay a visit to this national park is, it is one of the best preserved and well-managed national parks, not just in India, but globally! The park covers 1288 square kilometres, and every inch of the park is the best spot for photography. There are more than 200 species of animals and more than 500 species of birds including migration birds. There will be a lot of clicks to take and spots to enjoy here.

Fishing & Crocodile point!

If you love fishing, you can spend some time in Ramganga River. Ramnagar is the connecting hub to Jim Corbett National Park and it is connected with Delhi, Nainital, Lucknow, Dehradun, etc. Fortune Park Vacation takes you from Delhi to Ramnagar, from where you can drive down to the wild paradise. You can also find angling options here. The angling season starts in September and ends by the last week of May. Crocodile point is a small region in this park where you can find 33 species of reptiles and seven species of amphibians. You can also spot one of the most endangered species, Indian rock python here.

The virgin woods is more than a tiger reserve – Ecofriendly retreat

This is one kind of national parks in India which is located on the laps of Himalayas. Lying amidst the laps of Garhwal ranges of Himalayas and Indo-gangetic plains, the wildlife in this national sanctuary created the perfect ecosystem! The hilly vegetation, meadows, dense forests, and extreme climatic conditions extend the right habitat for innumerable variety of flora and fauna .

Fortune Park Vacation provides an Amazing Hotels to Stay:

Fortune Park Vacation offers numerous staying options from luxury to budget hotels to meet up the requirements of the tourists and make them have a comfortable stay in the Corbett National Park. Fortune Park Vacation give an experience of home away from home. Equipped with all the necessities, they are an ideal place to stay that are affordable and does not even pinch your pocket much.

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